Venture Building

Adequita Capital specialises in systematically founding and growing new companies to scale them for sustainable long-standing success.

Our extensive expertise in corporate finance and venture allows us to set the right guiding principles at companies’ inception: a clear long-term financial strategy, equitable corporate governance, anchor partners and focused execution in key milestones.

Our Vehicles

Real Estate

Our Approach


Our expertise and ever-growing network at times moves us to seek further equity upside and promote own projects. Furthermore, Adequita has launched and branded entrepreurial projects in cases where the team identifies clear, high-yield growth opportunities.


Providing expertise, reach and execution to our portfolio companies, alongside our private and sovereign partners. Ultimately, we seek to fully align interests and collaborate with the goal to forge long-term, enduring and trusted relationships.

Our Criteria & Metrics

Target Companies

Startups with a defensible vision, scalable business model, and a global purpose


Pre-Seed to Series B


6-12 years


Up to 20%


1+ Board Seat