Robert Lavia

Miami, USA

In 2015, Robert founded and became Chairman & CEO of Dakia Global Enterprise, focused on high-social impact investments and sustainable development. Current international projects under Dakia Global include U-Ventures, a holding company with the aim of investing in start-ups that serve the entertainment ecosystem. The major current driver of this platform is Dakia Entertainment Hospitality, the company that is in partnership with Universal Music Group, and which is seeking to develop, manage, and promote immersive music experiences (including premiere hospitality, lifestyle club, live entertainment and next-generation retail) through technology.

Between 2011 and 2015, Robert Lavia served as Chief Investment Officer for Veremonte, a London-headquartered private equity firm. During his time there, Robert was responsible for bringing together investment groups, high net worth individuals, governments, projects, and expertise from many industries in order to successfully execute key high-impact global projects in the excess of US$5 billion AUM. Mr. Lavia successfully coordinated interests across channels of industry, encompassing real estate, agriculture, energy, entertainment, government, retail, and manufacturing. The majority of operations are located in Europe, Asia, and South America, but he would regularly loop in companies from all corners of the globe. The most notable hospitality project that he led at Veremonte was Barcelona World which in the first phase of the development envisioned three integrated gaming resorts with 3,000 keys each with a total construction volume of over 1.5 million sq. metres. During his time at Veremonte, he was also a key figure in the development of FIA Formula-E. In direct collaboration with the leading automobile brands and media companies, the project created a new entertainment concept unifying professional car-racing, urban mobility, renewable energy awareness, sustainability and technology.

Robert began his entrepreneurial career as a private developer bringing together private equity firms, international developers, governments, and hotel companies to create unique hospitality platforms in Central and South America. Renowned brands under his portfolio of collaborations include Hyatt, Marriott, Ritz, Wyndham, Occidental, Accor and others. He has also put together the only commercial-scale bio jet fuel refinery in the world with Honeywell UOP. Located in California, as of today it produces over 5,000 barrels per day for clients such as United Airlines, U.S. Department of Defense, and many others.

A social entrepreneur at heart, Robert aims to design corporate governances centered around impact investing following the triple bottom line framework, which seeks to create a positive outcome for the global economy on an environmental, financial, and social level. As an example, Dakia’s operations enshrine a goal of contributing a significant percentage of its disposable income to high-risk impact investments in developing countries. Robert’s background is rooted in the entertainment, theme park, and real estate industries. For decades, the Lavia family has managed the largest theme park companies and circuses in Europe and Latin America, as well as participating as prominent players in large-scale real estate development, theme park management, and entertainment projects.