Sector: Hospitality
Market: Global
Investment Date: 2019

A product of numerous impact investment projects since the early 2010s, UVentures was founded by its parent company, Dakia Global, in 2018. Today, the group manages a portfolio of incubated companies, growing interrelatedly within the hospitality and entertainment industries and contributing to the increasing Experience Economy.

UVentures aims to create and enhance unique immersive experiences with the help of technological advancements and the world’s most powerful art form – music. To do so, the company formed UMusic Hotels – a joint venture with Universal Music Group (UMG), the world’s largest record company, comprising of 100+ labels and 6,700+ artists across 75+ markets. UMusic Hotels acts as a hospitality management company, operating flagged locations under UMG’s portfolio of IP brands. With an endless array of original content delivered directly from artists to guests, UMusic Hotels’ visitors are able to truly experience their favourite music in every detail of their customer journey. Furthermore, UVentures has founded a number of ancillary businesses to complement its experiential offering, including a tech applications incubator, a brand merchandising company, and a media & production company.

Adequita joined its long-standing partner Dakia Global on the project in 2019, to act as the CEO of UVentures and play an integral part of scaling the hospitality operations globally and investing in the overarching ecosystem.

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