Universal Music Group announces a new luxury hotel chain called UMusic Hotels

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“Everyone’s looking for an experience, and we want to do something that’s deep and authentic, that really tells the story of the region, the community, how we’re transforming those communities, integrating into those communities, and how we’re bringing music and storytelling into them in a whole different fashion. Let your mind wander how far it can go.”

Fast Company

Universal Music Group and investment holding company UVentures made a rather brief announcement in August of a partnership to develop what they called “a new music-focused experiential hospitality category.”

Today, the two companies are revealing the first three locations for UMusic Hotels, their music-themed luxury hotel venture, with projects underway in Atlanta, Orlando, and Biloxi, Mississippi.

Embodying each location’s unique spirit, the hotels will draw inspiration from their respective local culture and serve as creative hubs in communities around the world – promoting positive social change, education and innovation through the power of music. Guests will discover the soul of each city through its rich local music heritage. UMusic Hotels are committed to helping their communities thrive – creating jobs for local residents, supporting local businesses and suppliers, and creating opportunities for local artists, such as the establishment of new state-of-the-art music venues.

For more information and further announcements, find out more at www.umusic-hotels.com

To lear more, visit the Fast Company article here, the UMG annocement here, and view the video on the left for a sneak peek of UMusic Broadwater, the project in Biloxi, Mississippi.