Sector: Technology & Hospitality
Market: Global
Investment Date: 2014

One of Adequita’s first partnerships is Nethits, a global provider of advanced hardware and software technology and telecommunication solutions (communication systems, network infrastructure, and software integration projects) in the hospitality industry with over 13 years of experience and servicing the most prominent international hotel chains. 

The company offers GPON FTTR technology, NETSPOT (customisable hotspot portal with additional security and marketing services), GUEXT_TV (in-house developed IPTV), VoIP solutions, IPKeeper (proprietary software designed to track and record all customer internet activity) and a 24/7 multilingual call centre support service. Nethits’ clients include, amongst others, Melia Hotels, Palladium Hotels, and UMusic Hotels.

Nethits originally approached Adequita requesting advisory services. The decision was instead made for Adequita to aid with strategic business development and corporate governance. As part of this involvement, we have helped Nethits reach agreements with some of the largest hotel chains in the world and offered opportunities into new markets, including the Caribbean and Middle East. Since the relationship between Adequita and Nethits began, Nethits has seen its revenues drastically rise and opened offices abroad (Cancun, Mexico and soon Dubai, UAE).

Nethits’ latest project is the development of a state-of-the-art data centre in Valencia, Spain, in direct collaboration with the local and federal governments in their efforts to support the digital transformation of the Comunitat Valencia and the south-eastern coast of Spain by attracting international corporations and capital.